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November 4, 2017 | Live & Recorded


Why the VirCon?

The answer to that question is simple: Value!  

I launched the first VirCon two years ago with a simple goal. I wanted to provide the best value in school marketing professional development.  

While in-person conferences are fantastic for networking, they are not a great value for learning. I love networking as much as the next person but in the end, networking isn’t going to make you a better marketer, and it certainly isn’t going to attract new students to your school.

I was once told, “Try and take one to two ideas or concepts from each conference and that will be a successful conference.” My issue is that if you add up the cost of airfare, Uber/Lyft rides, hotel rooms, conference registrations, food, alcohol (while you’re networking), and gifts for your family it could cost your school and/or you thousands of dollars for two ideas.  

That math doesn’t work anymore.  

The VirCon was created to bring you the best school marketing experts and have them teach you how to attract new students and retain current students using the internet and social media all at the best possible value! 

VirCon5 Speakers 

Check the incredible line-up for the VirCon5.

Jesse Roberts

Jesse Roberts

Founder & CEO Admisson Pro 

Mia Major

Mia Major

Content Marketing Manager Finalsite

Simon Noakes

Simon Noakes

Founder/CEO Interactive Schools 

Rick Newberry - Enrollment Catalyst

Rick Newberry

President Enrollment Catalyst

Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright

Digital Content Designer Gilmour Academy

Jim Healy Peapod Design

Jim Healey

Owner, Photographer, Brand Architect Peapod Design 

Penny Rogers ISM

Penny Rogers

Consultant Independent School Management

Andy Traub

Andy Traub

Tech Concierge Take Permission Media Network

Mike Connor - Connor Associates

Mike Connor

President Connor Associates Strategic Services, LLC

Sean Henri

Sean Henri

Founder and CEO Pepperland Marketing

What's included with your VirCon5 registration?

  • 10 live expert training presentations with actionable tips
  • Access for you and your entire team
  • Lifetime access to the recorded presentations
  • Watch the presentations again and again all year long
  • Membership in the VirCon5 "pop-up" private Facebook group for participants

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

8:00 am EST

Simon Noakes - "Parent Engagement: Are You Talking to Your Parents Effectively?"

9:00 am EST

Andy Traub - "How To Build Your Video Studio For $100"

10:00 am EST

Rick Newberry - "Developing Your School’s Enrollment and Marketing Calendar for Success"

11:00 am EST

Jesse Roberts - "A Clear View Enrollment Vision: Approaching 2020 and Beyond"

12:00 pm EST

Sean Henri - "Topics over Keywords: How to Increase Traffic by Producing Less Content"

1:30 pm EST

Mike Connor - "Three Way Street: Enrollment Managers, Faculty, and Trustees"

2:30 pm EST

Penny Rogers - "Protect Your School’s Brand Image: Social Media Management"

3:30 pm EST

Mia Major - "The State of Social Media: What Survey Data from 300 Schools Reveals About Strategy in 2018"

4:30 pm EST

Danielle Wright - "Bridging the Gap: Tools and Best Practices for School Content Designers"

5:30 pm EST

Jim Healey - "A Branding Roadmap: 5 Steps to Your School’s Unique and Impactful Brand"


Contact Us

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the VirCon5.

  • Phone: 1 (724) 213 - 0010
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What makes the VirCon5 different?

Incredible Value 

No boring talking heads here! These are new presentations conducted by experts who will teach and share their knowledge. You'll leave with actionable tips that you can begin using the day after the conference.

Learning ALL Year

You'll have lifetime access to the conference recordings for and can share the recordings with anyone on your team. You can review the recordings again and again...

Get Answers To Your Questions

You can ask questions during the presentations AND in the "pop-up" Facebook Group which will remain open for ten weeks after the VirCon5.

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